We empower world class online events by enabling users to seamlessly move between parallel video conversations.

Revolut Art

Revolut Art is a social platform to help independent artists find online communities where they can be their true self. 


A subscription box service that shows young girls the STEM in them by exposing them to a variety of STEM concepts and relating those concepts to the real world.


Learn to code by building real projects.


VitalEyes enables research labs to proactively social distance and regulate capacity by providing a drop-in system for researchers to dynamically adjust their lab usage. We also provide analytics to administrators, helping labs stay within guidelines and better self-regulate through a simple dashboard.


Unitour is a one stop shop college search site for High School Students.


MedLynk is a tool that allows salespeople at retooled PPE supply companies to predict where PPE demand will be, so they can increase their sales in an unfamiliar industry.

Foursquare Education

Advancing youth in foster care through financial literacy


1 in 4 Americans don't get their 401(k) match. We're changing that.


SilkArtCompany is a textile brand that uses an ancient water marbling technique to handcraft unique silk accessories.


The automated all-in-one marketing platform for artists


Create mobile apps yourself in minutes without writing any code or paying high development costs.