Meet founders that will introduce you to a new vegan super food, the latest at-home fashion for your next Zoom call, or test your music compatibility with your friends.  Don't forget to virtually visit Demo Day on 9/3/2020 at 5PM ET to get deals on many of these items when you talk to the Founders!



SameTunes is an online music compatibility and social platform. Compare music tastes, understand your music habits, and discover new tunes!

all our weekends

Designing sustainable weekend level comfort for every woman.

Vegan Tiger

A prebiotic powerhouse food


More efficient and cost-effective food delivery powered by improved logistics and curated offerings.


# Swipe with your friends to decide on the best places to eat, drink and have fun!

Tangle Labs LLC

Tangle is a social media platform dedicated to boosting entrepreneurship on campuses by connecting students and organizations to the projects that interest them.


We are textile innovators trusted by users at all levels from players in the NFL to your local mailman.


The beauty lifestyle brand for people who demand better.


Social platform where you can make new friends over \*\*simple\*\* \*\*group hangouts based on similar age and interests. \*\*


Panza is a mobile platform that allows local families to offer homecooked, authentic meals to curious, responsible travelers.


We have created a community powered grocery delivery service that connects neighbors with nearby people already headed to the grocery store.


Maximizing Individuals’ Earning Potential in the Gig Economy.

Style Clubhouse

Style Clubhouse is is a co-working community for Fashion Creatives.