AI and data analytics are quickly becoming part of our daily lives.  Meet the startups that are leveraging it for better cybersecurity, managing call centers, detecting different biases in journalism to keeping you safe during the pandemic.

Watch the trailer video to hear highlights from the pitches or watch each startup's full 2-minute pitch and see details on the Founders when you click on the startup. 

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We use AI to score bias in news.


Speed up your data science lifecycle

Vitruvian VDR

A virtual dressing room for online retailers that creates a realistic 3D model of each shopper and simulates how garments will look on them.

Vigil AI

On hand inventory and out of stock detection with ceiling mounted cameras for grocery, convenience, and retail.


AI platform for building modern customers' interactions over digital channels


Wait Less, Together.

Elbow Room

We are designing novel devices and software to help solve issues of social distancing on public transportation.


A platform that uses machine learning to help pre-medical and medical students study more effectively


Senteon provides an AI powered Cyber security program designed to be an autonomous all in one solution for healthcare and dental companies


Represent yourself with the help of a lawyer.


Startup Data Room + Fundraising Tools


Matmerize is developing machine-learning backed software that enables chemists to accelerate the development of advanced materials.